So the blog is already two months old . And it’s not as easy as it seems.

Since I started publishing on the social media, I got very good response from everyone and it made me feel really good and confident that I’m actually doing something right and something I love for the first time.

I got many people asking me what is this blog and what is this thing I’m doing. and if I’m modeling (lol.. no I wish). So I would like to explain once and for all what is this blog for.

I started this blog for many reasons. For those who know me I love talking and I do that a lot and I do have lots to say although writing them it’s more difficult. I’m here to share what’s going on in my little mind. my ideas and opinions. This is a blog that is all mine where I can write whatever I want to whoever wants to read. Mostly I will be talking about fashion and life style.


When you spend 9 hours a day working at a job that you work for money and not for something your passionate about . You really need to do something you love on the side to stay sane.

I strive to have a fashion career In the future but until that comes, this is my connection to the world of fashion and this blog is sort of my portfolio. I learn a lot every day and I’m trying to improve. Taking advice from who ever’s willing to give. I’m inspired every day and I’ll be working till the day I inspire!!

Was wearing:

Dress – H&M similar

Fur waistcoat – Pull and Bear

Bag – forever 21 Similar

Boots – small boutique in Paris Similar

Thanks for being here.