I’m addicted to pasta in all kinds of ways. Hate fish, I have a habit of when I am abroad of going into a supermarket and smelling all the body lotions and then buy like 10 of them…and then cry when they are finished.

I believe that not all dreams come true but I keep on dreaming. I love kisses, prefer winter than summer, addicted to shopping, baby’s smell and white wine. Hate vodka it makes me feel bad.

Love honest people, jealous of powerful women (only because I hope one day I’ll be one as well). I hate being jealous.

I hate doing sports. I remember everything. I get emotional over songs and lyrics. I’m really bad in saving money. I’m very good at spending it. Can’t stand stupid or apathetic people. I drive fast, I say what I think. I’m so not spoiled. A desert freak. I believe in god and miracles.

I love black, pink and gold. Hot cream coffee. I’m better under pressure. I push everything to the last moment.

It’s still hard for me to believe that not all people are good. I have almost 100 nail polishes but I’m the worst in applying them.

I’m special! Childish and still very Mature. Normal and different. I believe that everything is about self-esteem and wish I could be more confident sometimes.

I was taught that love is everything in life, to give before you take…to think before you speak. (that one didn’t work for me.)

I am my grandmother’s biggest fan…and I admire my mom so much. I need my friends but yet love being alone.

I don’t know how to stay in touch.

I miss school, “Gossip Girl”, and Enrique Iglesias posters on my walls . My childhood, having all my brothers and sisters living at the same house. No debts, not too much to think about. Thinking my whole world ended because I had a fight with my parents. When small money was so much.

I’m addicted to online shopping I literally became an expert. I’m sure one day I will learn to play an instrument probably piano or guitar.

I love the smell of gasoline and Yeats. I hate tickles. I miss being in love. I’m afraid of butterflies, I love to fly…the feeling when the plane takes off….

I’m always late, I think that if you love someone let him sleep. I love my imagination because who am I without it?! I’m me just me…





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