So I know I was gone for sometime but I had a lot of things going on… but I came back with some good and new stuff, as you can see the website looks a little different (better i hope).


This Saturday I spent some time with my girl-friends in Tel Aviv. We where starving to death and struggling to find a parking spot, so after parking we past through this place and couldn’t resist to take some photos (ok a lot of photos).

The outfit that I’m wearing has its’ own story lol…I found it in one of those little boutiqes in Paris. The bag I bought 3 years ago on the “Marches de Noel”on the Champs Elysees in Paris. I fell in love with it but everybody told me that it was ugly! Three years later everybody is asking where i bought it from. So? First lesson is: Trust your guts! 2nd lesson is whatever you find in small boutiqes in Paris is always stylish even if it takes time for people to realize it.

I will add some links with similar items. 

Love Batya,

Sandals , Bag , Similer Dress